damn doors are off

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu Jul 18 10:53:04 EDT 2002

On mine, the rear door armrest fasteners are 4 mm, not 4.5 mm.  In fact
it's 4 mm throughout, just like Scott reported.  I wonder if there was a
midyear change in fasteners????

At 08:04 AM 07/18/2002 -0400, Dan Simoes wrote:

>It's a 4.5mm allen as Taka mentioned.  Thanks for the tips.
>The mechanism is maddening if you've never seen it before.  I'll try to
>take pictures.
>I was surprised to find there are no amps on the rear speakers - the
>amps must be buried somewhere.  I find the Bentley for this car is very
>inadequate, at least for the wagon (everything is sedan-centric).
>I've removed the front and rear speakers.  I plan to replace the fronts
>and rear mids with coaxes and leave the rear tweeters unplugged and in
>place.  I'm hoping that MB Quart will drop in.  They are pretty
>reasonably priced on ebay, so I may go that route, but I will check with
>a local MBQ dealer first.
>Now, two more questions -
>1) where's the easiest place to steal keyed power to turn on the radio?
>Ignition switch?
>2) Suggestions for running new speaker wires to the rear doors?  I'm
>thinking down the floor towards the ECU/hood release, then under the
>door sill, up the B pillar and into the accordion boot.
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