Shade tree mechanic advice

Shayne thequattroking at
Thu Jul 18 12:34:57 EDT 2002

I spent many years on this one.  Then "LIGHTBULB", a baseball cap sans bill.
Works great!

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> From: Brian Link <brianl at>
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> Subject: Shade tree mechanic advice
> I'm in the process changing out a clutch (my coupe gt not the 200 20v)  and
> it made me wonder if any of you have advice on what they wear to cover
> there hair while they are lying on their garage floor.  I tried baseball
> hats but the brim would always be in my way.  Next I tried a bandana,
> worked better but it kept coming off.  I know that this is a stupid
> question, but I am being serious.  I keep shampooing but the dirt doesn't
> come out......
> Brian (nappy head) Link
> Boulder, CO.
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