audio update

Dan Simoes dans at
Fri Jul 19 12:23:14 EDT 2002

In case anyone cares.
I purchased a set of MB Quart coaxes as it was clear my JBLs would not
I used the 4" up front, 5.25" in the rear.  The fronts I had to trim a
bit (deleting 2 of the 4 "ears") and wiggle a lot, but they drop right
in as stock.   Oh, the factory speaker wire connectors are a perfect fit
on the MBQs.

The rears were a bit tougher.  I couldn't easily detach the rear speaker
from its grille (they are glued) so I ended up dropping the speaker in
from the top (ie, what you see) and using the MBQ grill.  So, it's a
little two tone, but should work well.

I overpaid for the speakers at a local store - on ebay they are well
under $200 for the set.

Still haven't hooked up the rear speakers yet as I have to run new wires
or figure out the stock wiring.

Lastly, I strongly suspect that the speakers in the 91 non-bose are MBQ,
at least the rears, as the construction and design is very similar (but
cheaper construction).
 The guy at the stereo store agreed with me.

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