Beaver Run Motorsports Complex

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Fri Jul 19 13:07:25 EDT 2002

Just for general interest, here is the very first writeup I have seen of the new track near Pittsburgh.  If only Englishtown and Rausch Creek would get going...

911 track beast

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> Hello everyone,
> I had the opportunity to run a few hundred laps Wednesday and Thursday
> at the brand new Beaver Run North track outside Pittsburgh.
> The overall
> facility is still rough (entrance road isn't fully paved, no water or
> electricity, porta-johns only, etc.) and the track doesn't
> have curbing
> or tire walls yet, but the North track is basically completed.  The
> track is very fast and very fun, is 1.53 miles long with 12 turns.
> There is a slower tighter section (turns 1-7) and a wide-open section
> (8-12).  The tighter section is still quite fast, in my E36M3 I never
> got out of the powerband in 3rd and the wide-open section is extremely
> fast (I was topping out 4th in two sections).  The surface is
> fantastic,
> seems to be very easy on tires.  The track is hard on brakes, as you
> have two 125+mph sections (into 1 and into 10) where you have to
> threshold brake and go into a 3rd gear section.  There are two other
> minor braking zones (into 4 and into 5), and in the heat of summer it
> all adds up to a track that is hard on brakes.  Overall, it is a
> horsepower track, not particularly technical, but the tighter section
> still requires a good line to go full throttle.  Most BMW's
> will do well
> there because of the need for good brakes and a few very key
> transition
> areas (1-2 and 5-6-7).  I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a
> new challenge.  I have no officially affiliation with the
> track, just a
> Pittsburgh track junkie happy to have local track option other than
> Nelson.
> Vern Anderson

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