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Fri Jul 19 18:16:17 EDT 2002

What are you smoking, Bernie?

First of all, expecting reimbursement without any proof of expense is
just plain silliness.

Secondly, what leads you to conclude that Audi had knowledge of a
safety hazard from these speakers for 10 or 12 years?  That would be
from the "get-go", so to speak. It's not likely that any serious
problems started to appear so early. Not that I've heard about,
anyway. The Nissan recall on Q45 cars with Bose amplified speakers
was issued around 1999. My own letter to Audi of America was sent in
December 2000. Steve Bednarski's fire ocurred in mid-'96 and his
buy-back settlement with AoA did not happen until mid-'97. From my
information, Audi must've had reason to take a serious look at the
issue by some time in 1997. That's 5 years ago, at most. In my
opinion they could and _should_ have acted at the same time as
Nissan, which would be no later than1999/2000. But knowing about this
as a safety hazard for 10 or 12 years is not a reasonable supposition.

Third: Why will you not not write a "real" letter to AoA? It would
have far greater significance, IMO, than e-mail.

Finally,  when the war's been won, so to speak, it appears you're
asking Brett (or someone else) to write now on your behalf. Are you
completely unaware of the efforts that have already been made by some
of us in contacting Audi and NHTSA? Did *you* ever write a letter to
AoA and NHTSA a couple of years ago--when I made a request-- here and
on the qlist--for listers to do so?

Too little, too late, Bernie.


At 12:34 PM -0700 7/19/02, Bernie Benz wrote:
>The recall notice also states:
>"Please write us at the address below, if you have incurred out of pocket
>expenses for a rear amplifier replacement, and we would be pleased to review
>your request for possible reimbursement.  Include any receipts you have."
>In lue of writing a hard letter, I have talked with their CR rep. asking for
>a direct e-mail address, was refered to their web site CS page, through
>which I asked for a direct e-mail address so that I could retain a copy of
>my contacts.  This address is: Auditalk <auditalk at> Subject: Safety
>Recall LM.
>My thoughts are that, we who have replaced our amplified rear speakers over
>the years because of actual or potential damage to our cars due to the
>defective amps, and inasmuch as we as well as AOA have been aware of this
>safety hazard for many (10 or 12) years, and AOA has until recently refused
>to acknowlege the hazard, thereby forcing us to correct the hazard by our
>own means and at our own expense, should be elegiable for a cash
>reimbursement under Safety Recall LM of an amount equal to the cost of parts
>and labor for the current LM dealer recall service, without having to
>furnish receipts for same, inasmuch as AOA has been negligent in its long
>delay in acknowleging the hazard to which they have knowingly subjected us.
>My request to Brett, or anyone else that has a full knowledge and
>understanding of the history of this problem, is that he compose an e-mail
>form letter addressed to both AOA and the NHTSA that explicitly and
>sucinctly describes this issue and makes this point, for the individual
>e-mail use of us 200-20V listers.
>Thanks in advance,
>>  From: Phil Rose <pjrose at>
>>  Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 14:18:53 -0400
>>  To: Kneale Brownson <knotnook at>
>>  Cc: "Brennig, Rakesh (CORP, GEAccess)" <rakesh.brennig at>,
>>  "'200q20v at'" <200q20v at>
>>  Subject: Re: Bose Recall
>>  I believe Rakesh's dealer is mistaken. My reading of the recall
>>  notice is that if your car is in the specified group (and has the
>>  Bose amplified rear speakers) the amps in those speakers (not the
>>  entire speakers) _will_ be replaced.
>>  There is no "inspection" and "if defective", etc, etc. Of course
>>  perhaps your dealer feels he needs to do an inspection to determine
>>  if you're ineligible because the rear Bose speakers have been
>  > replaced with another make.
>>  Phil
>>  At 1:42 PM -0400 7/19/02, Kneale Brownson wrote:
>>>  --
>>>  The letter describes "Safety Recall LM" as "Replace Rear Speaker
>>>  Amplifiers" and explains that "It is possible that an electrolytic
>>>  capacitor in one of the rear speaker amplif9iers could leak electrolyte,
>>>  which could cause overheating and result in a fire."  It says Audi has
>>>  supplied dealers with new amplifiers and instructions on how to remove and
>>>  replace amplifiers.
>>>  At 07:54 AM 07/18/2002 -0600, Brennig, Rakesh (CORP, GEAccess) wrote:
>>>>  At the end of June I called both AoA and the local dealer to inquire
>>>>  specifically about any known problems with the rear speakers.  Of course
>>>>  neither group had the foggiest of what I was talking about.
>>>>  Suddenly, with the official word out both AoA and the local dealer are now
>>>>  aware, but I was not told what would be done.  I called again and was told
>>>>  that recall is to the effect of inspecting the unit and replacing if
>>>>  defective.  This would not be a blanket replacement of the unit.  Is this
>>>>  possible?  Can one simply replace a part (capacitor?) in the sealed unit?
>>>>  Or if the units seem good upon inspection what about 2 years
>>>>from now?  The
>>>>  dealer seemed puzzled by this whole recall and was not too descriptive.
>>>>  Since I did not get a copy of the letter, does it say more than what I was
>>>>  told?
>>>>  This is a great list - I would not have known of this issue otherwise.
>>>>  Regards, Rakesh
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