Cyl head reinstall... no boost

Djdawson2 at Djdawson2 at
Sat Jul 20 01:28:37 EDT 2002

Hey ya'll,
Well, got the head on, new everything including a distributor with metal
gear.  The car starts and runs fine, however, I've got zip for boost.  I
disconnected the pressure line from the WGFV...  boost.  From time to time
when starting it acts a little like it is preigniting, stalling the starter
motor almost completely.

Anyone have any clues or guesses?  I don't have any sort of reader to check
fault codes, and I've looked into the obvious stuff like plumbing and bypass
valve.  I don't have any leaks.  What would tell this thing to eliminate
boost completely?  It isn't just low, it is nonexistent.  Could this be
distributor alignment?

Thanks for any help,

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