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Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Sat Jul 20 02:13:05 EDT 2002

As a matter of fact, I do.  I get this error about
once a year, including a few days ago.  The fix is on
p.6 of the "CD Changer Operation Instructions", P/N
WSA 540 791 21.

I believe it means the changer is trying to return a
CD to a position in the 6-pack cassette that is
already occupied.  The changer sometimes apparently
forgets which position it got its currently-playing CD

The fix is to insert an empty casette into the
changer, let it return the currently-playing CD into
whatever slot it thinks it got it from, then eject the
casette and refill it as you wish.

Or, alternately, a slightly simpler technique might
work: eject the casssette and note which position is
vacant.  Remove the two adjacent CDs, reinsert, and
see if the changer will unload the current CD into one
of the adjacent slots.

A few days ago I watched through the little clear
plastic window of the cassette and noticed that one of
the CDs adjacent to the current empty position moved
when the changer tried to unload its current CD into
that position, so I just vacated that one slot and
voila, success.

Good luck, and if this fix works, and if you haven't
used the changer for 2 years for only this reason, ...
now don't take this wrong ..., give yourself a dope
slap heard round the net for not asking sooner.

Good luck,



... Does anyone know that the code "E-02" on the
changer remote means?  ...  My CD Changer
has not functioned for some time, atleast 2 years.

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