Boost and TDC and distributors

Sat Jul 20 09:47:05 EDT 2002

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The best way to verify TDC, is to rotate the crank 2 turns and ck TDC again.
My bet is that the window is slightly off in the distributor.  In which case,
you should move the distributor (1/16 of a turn is a LOT for this procedure)
CW and CCW until you eliminate the code.  The window on the distributor
allows only +/- 2 degrees from it's TDC before it throws a code. You should
get a mirror and make sure that the hash mark on the distributor window
housing (not the rotor point) lines up with the notch on the outside of the
distr.  My best distr TDCs usually come from centering the gear slop after
getting tdc (wiggle the distr shaft CW/CCW)
Scott J

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Car is a 1991 200 20v (3b)
Before I replaced the distributor, I set the engine to #1 cylinder TDC by
rotating the engine so that the old distributor rotor aligned with the small
slot in the distributor body (approximately 8'oclock for #1), pulling #1 plug
and inserting a straw (visual indication of TDC)  and setting the flywheel 0
and hashmark in the bell transmission window.

I removed the distributor and installed the new one, tried to make sure the
rotor and the body hashmark lined up.

Good news is that the car starts up - bad news is that I get a 2113 code
(dist alignment)

I loosened the distributor mounting bolt and turned the distributor clockwise
and counter clockwise.
Car still starts and throws a 2113.

What gives?

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