Boost and TDC and distributors (now rotor alignment and "special tools")

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Scott and/or anybody else that knows,

I want to clarify, or more accurately confirm my assumption with some btdt
info.  With reference to the distributor alignment, the Audi "3223 special
tool" will just align the rotor on the distributor with the TDC hash mark
correct?  In which case, it is unnecesary to the degree that your eyes are

I want to make sure I know this, as there's going to be a number of people
removing and reinstalling their distributors on their cars in the near
future; as I'm part and parcel with this, I trying to anticipate problems to
be averted.

derek p

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The best way to verify TDC, is to rotate the crank 2 turns and ck TDC again.
My bet is that the window is slightly off in the distributor.  In which
you should move the distributor (1/16 of a turn is a LOT for this procedure)
CW and CCW until you eliminate the code.  The window on the distributor
allows only +/- 2 degrees from it's TDC before it throws a code. You should
get a mirror and make sure that the hash mark on the distributor window
housing (not the rotor point) lines up with the notch on the outside of the
distr.  My best distr TDCs usually come from centering the gear slop after
getting tdc (wiggle the distr shaft CW/CCW)
Scott J

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