Wanted: Seat adjustment switch trim panel

Frank Stadmeyer stadmef at ntplx.net
Mon Jul 22 00:45:46 EDT 2002

Let's try this with the correct address:
>I've got a '91 200Q with grey Barcolounger seats.  The trim piece around
>the power seat switches is broken.  It was cracked and it finally
>succumbed to it's injuries during a seat heater repair last fall. The seat
>heater repair was successful (at least it was when I checked last, I'm
>sure I'll find out differently when I need it!) - somehow the rear
>backrest adjustment quit working during the repair.  I figure I'll try to
>find out what's up with that and replace the trim piece, if I can find
>one, while it's still warm out.
>So what I'm looking for is the piece of plastic that covers the seat
>adjustment switches and wraps around the front slightly on the drivers
>seat. As I said the, seats are grey Barcolounger. I don't know if one from
>a sport seat  would fit.
>Anybody got a seat with bad leather that this part is still OK?
>Frank Stadmeyer


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