E 02...my CD changer is confused

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You "could" actually use your stock speakers with an aftermarket headunit if
you really wanted to, although I don't see why you would since those paper
cone things suck. A lot of times you can buy adapters for cars with Bose
systems but they never work right (at least frommy experience). I always take
out the stock speakers and their amps and run new wires to the speakers (done
the right way). If you must use your stock speakers you can try to find an
adapter or without an adpater you need to find the right wires, bypass the
factory amps and hook your speakers up to the new head unit. And of course,
you could again just run new wires to your "existing" speakers and bypass the
amps or completelly take them out. I can help you out more if you decide on a
certain way to go.

Dan B.
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Thanks for defining what E-02 on the changer remote means...however, I
think my changer is confused. It gives the same error regardless of whether
the CD's are in the changer or not. I tried it with CDs in and out...no
change, still E-02. As far as I can tell from a visual inspection w/a
flashlight and the cassette out, there are no CD's in the player. The
nonfunctioning changer didn't bother me until I was told by a Circuit City
stereo guy that I must replace all speakers if I wanted to install a non-bose
aftermarket CD head unit. Suddenly, fixing the changer seems to be a wise
economic (if not Audio-philic) choice. TIA.
Adam Chinchiolo
'91 200q20v (random observation...now that it's gotten to be 90-100 +
degrees during the day...my car is making 1.8 bar consistently...curious)
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