Sun visor and Glove box Removal

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Sun Jul 21 22:56:54 EDT 2002

If I remember correctly, Bentley does not explain the
shortcut to removing the glove box.  Loosen each of
the screws a few turns each with a (4mm?) Allen
wrench.  Then slide the entire box over (left, toward
the door, I think) and it'll drop off the heads of the
screws.  This'll obviate unscrewing each of those 4
screws all the way, a quarter turn or so at a time.

Two of the screws (maybe all 4) have special square
washers with one rolled edge that facilitates getting
the box back on.



Can someone give me ... the easy way to remove and
replace ... the glove box.

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