Sun visor and Glove box Removal

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To remove the sunvisor you have to pry off the plastic caps that cover the
phillips screws, the part where the sunvisor attaches to the head liner. To
remove the glove box you need an allen key (4mm I think). Open the glove box
and look on the top part of the inside of it where the glove box attaches to
the dash. You will see two holes towards the front of the glove box. Two of
the allen crews are in those holes and you have to unscrew them all the way
but they won't drop out so don't expect them to. The other two are visible and
are more towards the rear. These two, you don't have to take out all the way,
just loosen them and than the glove box will slide out (once the two front
ones are un-screwed all the way of course).

Dan B.
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Another try with the proper address:
>Can someone give me better instructions on the easy way to remove
>replace the drivers side sun visor and the glove box. The donor car
>is an
>'89 100Q and the recipient is my '91 200Q.
>I looked in the Bentley but it wasn't all that clear on the glove
>box. I
>haven't looked about the sun visor yet, if you tell me it's clear,
>that's fine.
>Frank Stadmeyer
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