Boost and TDC and distributors (now rotor alignment and "special tools")

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The Bentley for the 7A references Tool #3179, not 3223., and I don't
understand the reason for different tools.  But I agree neither are


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> 3223 is only refernced in the 90q and the 200tq manual.  Which leads me to
> believe that it's the ability to not view it directly that was the reason for
> the tool.  IME, unecessary if you have a mirror and a flashlight.
> SJ
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>> I want to clarify, or more accurately confirm my assumption with some btdt
>> info.  With reference to the distributor alignment, the Audi "3223 special
>> tool" will just align the rotor on the distributor with the TDC hash mark
>> correct?  In which case, it is unnecesary to the degree that your eyes are
>> accurate?
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