Light Switch Stalk Replacment

John Corbs jcorbs at
Mon Jul 22 13:31:35 EDT 2002

Hello Folks:

Just took delivery of a 200 sedan from Chris Semple this last weekend. Its a
salvage car which I really bought for the 3B to transplant into my UrQ, but
as Chris indicated, it has already impressed me and may have a longer term

In any event I anticipate using it as a my daily driver for the next 6
months or so.

The only unexpected glitch is that the light switch stalk is broken off,
making it almost impossible to switch the light on and off, so much for
daily driver.

My question is how difficult is it to remove the wheel? This is my first
encounter with airbags.

All help will be appreciated. Pardon the dumb questions.

John Corbs

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