Light Switch Stalk Replacment

Charles Baer charlie at
Mon Jul 22 11:43:03 EDT 2002

My previous message, followed by:

4mm allen wrench accessed thru the hole in the bottom cover, easy to
spot with a flashlight.  Everything inside unplugs from the wiring



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> Subject: Light Switch Stalk Replacment
> Hello Folks:
> Just took delivery of a 200 sedan from Chris Semple this last
> weekend. Its a
> salvage car which I really bought for the 3B to transplant
> into my UrQ, but
> as Chris indicated, it has already impressed me and may have
> a longer term
> future.
> In any event I anticipate using it as a my daily driver for the next 6
> months or so.
> The only unexpected glitch is that the light switch stalk is
> broken off,
> making it almost impossible to switch the light on and off,
> so much for
> daily driver.
> My question is how difficult is it to remove the wheel? This
> is my first
> encounter with airbags.
> All help will be appreciated. Pardon the dumb questions.
> John Corbs

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