Squeaking door check (or hinges?)

Mike Vitrano mv1058 at msn.com
Mon Jul 22 22:46:09 EDT 2002

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Hi Listers,

I have a 90 200 10V and a 91 200 20V and they both have the same problem- w=
hen I open the front passenger's door (and only that side), I get a loud gr=
oan/squeak from either the door check or hinges. I've lubed both, (temporar=
y relief), but I am close to drilling holes in the hinges to get lube to th=
e hinge pins (works on VWs). Any BTDTs? TIA.


1991 200 20V    IA Stage 3+ (155 mph on I-65) and a K&N filterGet more from=
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