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> has any one gone to waterfest?I seen an older style S4 get beat by a older
> gti and a older rabbit beat a new S4(low 12's) ,this rabbit ran low 11's(
> althogh I don't think they actually raced each other.I was also talking to
> this guy who built a ur quattro that had something like 700 horsepower.was
> pretty cool show.

 I was there with a group of fellow V8 owners, 3 pearl, 1 indigo blue, and my
black one. Lots of nice machinery in the show and in the parking lot.  90/91
CQ's were well represented in the parking lot, I spotted at least 10. Spotted
a Pearl 200q20v with lightly smoked tail lamps too, anyone know who it
belongs to?

 The PES supercharged 30v A4 was my favorite vendors display. The incredible
blue 4ktq custom was my favorite participants car.


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