Sun visor and Glove box Removal

Frank Stadmeyer stadmef at
Tue Jul 23 22:18:46 EDT 2002

Thanks, I'll give that a try.

At 09:56 PM 7/21/02 -0700, Scalmanini Steve wrote:
>If I remember correctly, Bentley does not explain the
>shortcut to removing the glove box.  Loosen each of
>the screws a few turns each with a (4mm?) Allen
>wrench.  Then slide the entire box over (left, toward
>the door, I think) and it'll drop off the heads of the
>screws.  This'll obviate unscrewing each of those 4
>screws all the way, a quarter turn or so at a time.
>Two of the screws (maybe all 4) have special square
>washers with one rolled edge that facilitates getting
>the box back on.
>Can someone give me ... the easy way to remove and
>replace ... the glove box.
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