Sun visor and Glove box Removal

Frank Stadmeyer stadmef at
Tue Jul 23 22:21:47 EDT 2002

Thanks, between yours and Steve's help I ought to get them out. I'll let
everyone know what works.  Unfortunately something has come up and I may
not get to it this weekend.


At 01:06 AM 7/22/02 -0400, Audi Sport wrote:
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>To remove the sunvisor you have to pry off the plastic caps that cover the
>phillips screws, the part where the sunvisor attaches to the head liner. To
>remove the glove box you need an allen key (4mm I think). Open the glove box
>and look on the top part of the inside of it where the glove box attaches to
>the dash. You will see two holes towards the front of the glove box. Two of
>the allen crews are in those holes and you have to unscrew them all the way
>but they won't drop out so don't expect them to. The other two are visible and
>are more towards the rear. These two, you don't have to take out all the way,
>just loosen them and than the glove box will slide out (once the two front
>ones are un-screwed all the way of course).

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