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>As an aside while picking up some parts at my local dealer I asked about the
>Bose Recall and whether they had any parts yet.  Yup.  Parts counter guy
>said they had a bunch, and so I went to the service desk, gave them my VIN,
>which they confirmed qualified for the recall and they set me up for an
>appointment next Thursday (Bill Cook Imported Cars in Farmington Hills, MI).
>Will report back after the appt.
>'91 200q20v...Slightly modified

Mine was done yesterday at Traverse Motors in Traverse City, MI.  The
"backup" Audi/VW mechanic (the other, older, strictly Audi mechanic is
recovering from prostate surgery)  enjoyed yesterday's fresh, sunny weather
by doing the recall "surgery" in the parking lot, where I could stand and
watch.   Most difficult and time-consuming aspect of removing each speaker,
popping out the amp board and inserting the new one was restarting the nuts
on the threads of the speaker mounting bolts.

The mechanic said Audi is providing the parts and allowing an hour's labor
for each recall.  He probably spent half that amount of time on mine, and
probably was slowed somewhat by deciding which tools to employ.  He'd never
taken a speaker out of a 200q20v.

We discovered that one of the amp boards had been replaced previously
because it was very similar to the ones supplied for the recall and that
speaker had one of the four nuts missing.  The other speaker's amp board
had a different part number from the other three.  It also had an extra
metal encasement that the mechanic speculated may have been a heat
shield.  The three newer amp boards have a protective metal cover on what
amounts to their exterior, but the older one had both that cover and this
additional shield on the side that plugs in.   I'm wondering if that extra
metal contributed to the overheating of the electrolytic caps so that they
leaked and ate through the insulating material.

When I made my appointment for the recall the week before, the Audi service
writer said they'd gotten parts and instructions for doing five cars and
mine would be the first for them (just because I'd called
first).  Yesterday, the mechanic said they'd gotten in a half dozen
additional sets of amp boards and had a couple more recalls scheduled.

It's interesting that there are reports of customs delays slowing delivery
of the boards.  Each one bears a sticker that says "made in USA".

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