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Wed Jul 24 10:11:52 EDT 2002

I installed a Dalan from  on my Avant. Had to
grind off the  metal tow strap from the Audi. That was the only pain.
Otherwise it fits with no problem. I use mine to tow a 15 ft. Seadoo jet
boat, which is much heavier than that Hobie Cat. I even towed a wood chipper
with it once. Guy says, 'we don't see many people pick up a wood chipper in
an Audi!!'

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

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> At 8:20 PM -0700 7/23/02, Derek Pulvino wrote:
> >Thinking about picking up a Hobie Cat and wondering what people have done
> >for trailer hitches for the 200's.
> Avant or sedan?  I believe the avant is more difficult...I remember
> watching either Glen or Peter take a grinder to their avant to make
> the hitch fit.
> Da'Lan has a reputation among listers for getting things right re
> selection for Audis, and a quality product.  Our old 5000 sported a
> Da'Lan hitch within 2 weeks of being delivered, and gave plenty of
> good service.
> >   Tried a google search of the archives.
> >Maybe I wasn't doing it right, but I would just get a hit would then
> >me to scroll through tons of messages to find the "needle."
> Yup.  The archive searching sucks.  I'm trying to work on something
> better...just other stuff keeps coming up.
> The help section contains some searching tips that might help.
> Brett
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