driving schools and squirrels

Mark Trank MTrank at albemarle.org
Wed Jul 24 12:41:56 EDT 2002

Fellow listers:

A couple of completely unrelated inquiries:

1. Does anyone have a recommendation regarding driving schools in the
VA/MD/DC/WVA area?  My assistant's daughter has been in several accidents,
the most recent resulting in a reckless driving citation, and her parents
are anxious to get her into a teenage defensive/proper driving school.  FYI,
I'm in Central Virginia.

2.  (Mandatory Audi content) I have discovered that squirrels are chewing on
the inner lip of the front spoiler on my 200q.  I noticed this about a week
ago, when one of the critters was underneath the car, on its hind legs,
chewing.  What gives?  Is there something about engine fluids that may have
seeped down there that it attracting them?  I crawled underneath and found
no nuts, seeds, or other obvious squirrel attractants (sp?).  Anyone every
experience this?  What's a good repellant?

TIA, and my apologies in advance for lack of substantial 200q20v content.

91 200q20v 96k miles

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