Mintex red box pads for G60 brakes

Phil Rose pjrose at
Wed Jul 24 13:53:07 EDT 2002

I've been told that there are Mintex "red box" pads for the G60
brakes. However they (Mintex) do not list any pads for the '92 S4.
They do have a listing for '93 S4, but their website shows a diagram
for it that is definitely _not_ a pad that will fit my G60 calipers.
I wonder if the pads are correct but diagram wrong? Didn't the '93 S4
have G60 brakes?

I've also been told that the Mintex calalog does list pads for '89-91
200Q, but only for "Lucas" or "Ate" calipers. What's up with all
this? Does anyone have info about the correct Mintex p/n for G60


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