driving schools and squirrels

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Jul 24 14:06:50 EDT 2002

At 11:41 AM -0400 7/24/02, Mark Trank wrote:
>2.  (Mandatory Audi content) I have discovered that squirrels are chewing on
>the inner lip of the front spoiler on my 200q.  I noticed this about a week
>ago, when one of the critters was underneath the car, on its hind legs,
>chewing.  What gives?  Is there something about engine fluids that may have
>seeped down there that it attracting them?  I crawled underneath and found
>no nuts, seeds, or other obvious squirrel attractants (sp?).  Anyone every
>experience this?  What's a good repellant?

I hate squirrels! As with all rodents, these frenetic furry f*ckers
need to wear away their constantly growing teeth. At our cabin out in
the country, squirrels have taken to gnawing on the plastic downspout
of the raingutters. So perhaps the attack on your Audi's front
spoiler is just evidence that there's something inherently "tasteful"
to them about hard plastic. As far as a repellent--you might try to
spray the spoiler's edge with the pepper- (capsicum-) based
repellants that are sold to keep these obnoxious critters away from
bird-feeders. It's available in powder form, but it's also contained
in the pressurized spray cans used to repel dogs and muggers.  Keepng
a cat on guard is probably a better idea.


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