Mintex red box pads for G60 brakes

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Wed Jul 24 12:49:45 EDT 2002


Pads for G60 Calipers:  FMSI MKD419  Audi has 3 PNs for this pad, all
physicly identical/interchangeable, ex f/ wear sensor connector on the E
version is different.

441 698 151E  S4,6,8,200-20V

447 698 151F   5KTQ, 200Q-10V

895 698 151     CQ, 90Q-20V

The E version pads are almost twice the cost of either of the others.
Example:  Mintex Reds several years ago: E = $55,  F = $33.  151 = $29.50

If you need them for the 20V or S4, buy the cheapest and swap connectors, or
do without wear sensors, who needs them anyway?

200-20V w/ATE calipers are exclusively UFOs.
Audi #441 698 151D, FMSI #MKD467

Hope that this helps.


> From: Phil Rose <pjrose at>
> Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 12:53:07 -0400
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> Subject: Mintex red box pads for G60 brakes
> I've been told that there are Mintex "red box" pads for the G60
> brakes. However they (Mintex) do not list any pads for the '92 S4.
> They do have a listing for '93 S4, but their website shows a diagram
> for it that is definitely _not_ a pad that will fit my G60 calipers.
> I wonder if the pads are correct but diagram wrong? Didn't the '93 S4
> have G60 brakes?
> I've also been told that the Mintex calalog does list pads for '89-91
> 200Q, but only for "Lucas" or "Ate" calipers. What's up with all
> this? Does anyone have info about the correct Mintex p/n for G60
> brakepads?
> Phil
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