Mintex red box pads for G60 brakes

Ingo D. Rautenberg ingo at
Wed Jul 24 17:18:09 EDT 2002

Phil writes:

"I went over to a local parts supply place
and looked at their Mintex pads  specified for 91 CQ. These are
indeed exactly the same size as my old pads, except they don't have
those heavy (anti-squeal) "wire" that screws into the outer-pads'
backing plate. The Mintex pads specified for '93 S4 were _also_ the
right size--and  those did have that anti-squeal device (however were
about 70% more expensive.) I bought the cheaper version ($45), but I
suspect they might squeal like hell.

Any BTDTs about that (squeal) aspect? I have a can of a "Brake Quiet"
spray that I will apply to the backing in the hope of suppressing


I always keep the anti-squeel wire keeper and screws from the old pads and
transfer them to the new ones.  Or are we talking about something else?

'91 200q20v...Slightly modified
'83 Urquattro
('90 v8q RIP)

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