IC inlet O-ring size?

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Jul 24 18:40:33 EDT 2002

At 9:30 PM +0000 7/24/02, Jobe Tichy wrote:
>Just a quick question--how do you know your O-ring on the IC is
>leaking?  Did you get in there and inspect?  Oil all over the seal
>from the hose to the IC?  What sort of loss of boost did you see?
>Problem for me is that I have inspected all turbo hoses, replaced
>bypass hose, tested the valve for vacuum hold, and still only see
>1.7 bar--I'm thinking the last place to look for a leak is at the
>intercooler. But before I do too much rooting around, I just wanted
>to see if you saw only very little loss due to your o ring leak.

I have a tester, made up of a rubbermaid 1-cup container, the little
itty bitty round kind with a white plastic snap lid.  Drill a hole
about the right size for a male compressor fitting.  Pull the hose
off the end of the MAF sensor, stuff the container, bottom-first,
into the hose...tighten hose clamp.  Tada!

Now, using either an air tank or compressor, set to no more than 10
psi(non-chipped car) and slowly start letting air into the
system...any leaks will -very- quickly make themselves obvious.

I had loud hissing noises from both the IC hose and the lower
pipe->IC clamp assembly.

The o-ring/clamp deal is INFAMOUS for leaking.  If you have oil
buildup around there, you've got a leak, I can tell you right now.

I just need to know what size I need to order from some place like
McMaster; even a viton o-ring shouldn't be more than a few dollars,
and will hopefully last longer.  I might also try finding a slightly
oversize o-ring and see if it still all fits back together again.

PS:gel superglue did a great job on a temporary fix for the hose.
Bimmerparts.com had a replacement for slightly over $70, on its way
"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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