fresh air flap question

Joseph VanZeipel vanzeipel at
Wed Jul 24 16:53:25 EDT 2002

It hooks up into the compartment.  With a small flashlight and some
flexibility, you should be able to see it.  I believe it's attached to
the (condenser? evaporator?) thingie just above and in from the flap.
It's a big pain to get the spring to attach, I'd recommend bending the
existing end of the spring and attaching it.

Joseph V.
200q20v 122k er, 123k

On Wednesday, July 24, 2002, at 02:20 PM, jim catterson wrote:

> oh list savants,  can someone please look under the glovebox and tell
> me what the return spring hooks up to inside the box where the fresh
> air door resides.  when i look up under the glove box into the box
> where the condenser is,  the spring is broken and hanging from the door
> itself but i can't figure out where the other end was supposed to hook
> on...
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> cheers
> jim catterson
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