Brake Pad Recommendations for Street

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Wed Jul 24 19:05:31 EDT 2002

Pagid Black (aka 4-2-1), Porterfield R4-S or Hawk HPS get my vote.

They dust quite a bit, but they're quite aggressive pads and should
get the job done. SS lines might help w/ the pedal feel.

Look into getting a brake upgrade, perhaps? My BIRA S2UFO works great,
now I have to worry about getting rear-ended on the street rather than
worrying about the brakes slowing me down.


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One of the things that was evident in driving my new 200 was that the
G60s really struggle to pull it down from speed or even stop it at
moderate speeds.

Since I'll be using it as a commuter I need pads with instant bite even
when cold.

Any recommendations?  Anyone tried the EBC stuff?


John Corbs

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