Bilstiens Hds raised my 200

Thu Jul 25 09:52:48 EDT 2002

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Those numbers also apply to the 92-95 S4/S6 which are heavier cars than the
200's.  IME HD do raise up the car compared to the stockers, it's a stiffer
shock, and just new.

You can get the lowering shims for the front, which are available from the
dealer (there are 3 heights, get the lowest one).  WRT the rear, do make sure
that the collar on the shock body for the spring isn't mounted upside down,


T44 mit 65 and 70's
In a message dated 7/25/02 7:08:18 AM Central Daylight Time,
Chewy4000 at writes:

I installed the shocks we bought with the group purchase last night.
Now my car looks like an ALLROAD, hightwise.

The part numbers I got here are B462065 and P360370.
Any idea or have someone had this happend to there sedan?

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