Bilstiens Hds raised my 200

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Thu Jul 25 09:12:29 EDT 2002

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The OEM shocks were not gas pressurized.  The aftermarket Boges are so
You say, "the bilsteins are taller.  Which adds to the static right height."
Only true if bottomed out above the static ride height.  It is only the
addition of the gas spring that adds to static ride height!


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I believe the stock shocks are also gas pressure bernie.  I also think if
you take the overall height of both shocks, the bilsteins are taller.  Which
adds to the static right height.

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You're right, Scott, but for the wrong reasons.  The damping characteristics
of a shock are velocity sensitative, and are totally independent of
position.  These shocks affect position only because they are gas
pressurized, adding to the static ride height.



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