exhaust rattle and boost ?s

Tom Egbert tomegbert1323 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 25 09:57:48 EDT 2002

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  I am a new lister and was chosen to adopt a gorgeous black sedan from fir=
eman Tom in Chicago.

  What exhaust parts tend to rattle at idle? The spring mechanism looks sus=
pect to me but I wouldn't know what stock is like.

  This car has IA stage 3 chip but seems really tame to drive. I am used to=
 big spring in wastegate of a 89 late 200 quattro. Seems to hit harder 2000=
 to 4000 but not a smooth or long as the 20v.

  I have a friend who will help drive the cars together and we will find ou=
t which is fastest.

  My question is; can I jack down on the wastegate spring and bring the boo=
ost up quicker and have the best of both worlds. In the paperwork with the =
car one of the previous owners had a TAP conversion done and now the ecu ha=
s been redone at IA with the bigger transducer. I don't know what is under =
the wastegate cover.

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