exhaust rattle and boost ?s

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The only exhaust rattle I got with the OEM exhaust was when the cats
went bad- both died within 6 months of each other.

Check your boost levels w/ an analogue gauge- a chipped 200q20v is much
faster than a chipped 10v. Yes, the 10v boost seems to come on much
making it feel faster, but it's not actually faster.

Don't change the WG spring, although, yes, you can increase the preload
a tad
for better boost ramp-up.


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  I am a new lister and was chosen to adopt a gorgeous black sedan from
fireman Tom in Chicago.

  What exhaust parts tend to rattle at idle? The spring mechanism looks
suspect to me but I wouldn't know what stock is like.

  This car has IA stage 3 chip but seems really tame to drive. I am used
to big spring in wastegate of a 89 late 200 quattro. Seems to hit harder
2000 to 4000 but not a smooth or long as the 20v.

  I have a friend who will help drive the cars together and we will find
out which is fastest.

  My question is; can I jack down on the wastegate spring and bring the
booost up quicker and have the best of both worlds. In the paperwork
with the car one of the previous owners had a TAP conversion done and
now the ecu has been redone at IA with the bigger transducer. I don't
know what is under the wastegate cover.

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