Bilstiens Hds raised my 200

Thu Jul 25 13:59:04 EDT 2002

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070 is *currently* listed as the HD verson of the 069 sport.  The 070 is
listed as a 500o cs turbo fwd application.  065 is listed as the HD rear for
the 200 s4/v8.  There is no listed HD for the 200/s4/v8, so someone obviously
took the 5kfwd number.  Urs4 lists 070/065 as the HD application, 069/066 as
the sport application, which is always how I interpreted the apps.

If I get a chance today, I'll yank a couple off the shelf and compare the
lengths.  Again, it is a known entity that the HD and the sports/sprints are
the exact same valving for a given application, only the overall length
changes.  My bet here is that Bilstein is combining applications which cause
some cars to ride higher than others.  This would be reasonable conclusion,
especially if the 200tq came without gas pressure from the factory, and the
S4/s6 did.

Scott J
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brett at writes:

At 7:57 AM -0400 7/25/02, Chewy4000 at wrote:
>I installed the shocks we bought with the group purchase last night.
>Now my car looks like an ALLROAD, hightwise.
>The part numbers I got here are B462065 and P360370.

Those are the wrong part numbers.  Should be P36-0369, B46-2066.

(just noticed, both are off by only one #, but in opposite directions)


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