Hawk Blue pads at the Glen, or...

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Thu Jul 25 16:57:04 EDT 2002

I was using Mintex Red Box w/ G60s on my 5ktq, never tried this
w/ a 200- they worked just fine, but that was a much lighter car.

I know you said that, that was a slip-up on my part. :-)

With a 200, I think I'd definitely be going for the most aggressive
street pads possible, as the car is quite heavy in relation to the


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At 3:02 PM -0400 7/25/02, TM wrote:
>Brake pads make a big difference,

Um, yeh, I thought I just said that. :-)

>you should consider more aggressive
>street pads if you don't like your current street setup, and Mintex Red

>Box is not the answer to that.

You're probably be right about that--I'm sure they're not the best
choice for me. I've considered others (Hawk HFS, etc...), and I only
ended up using the Mintex Red Box because time was a factor and they
were readily available locally (also many people mention using them.)
Time will tell if they do any better for me at all.


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