Bilstiens Hds raised my 200 II

Fri Jul 26 10:13:14 EDT 2002

I think you will find that some installs raise higher than others.  Why?
Well, if your car has been on crappy shocks for a while, the spring tends to
sag (which they also do over time).  One of the many reasons you find 1 side
of the car gets camber spec, the other doesn't (sound familiar).  In my shop,
I've installed at least 50 or so sets of Bilsteins on t44's.  Probably as
many konis.  The Bilsteins are a better overall ride IMO/E for the front, the
koni rears are better in the back.  Mixing the 2 doesn't work well, btdt.  I
ended up going to the c/o conversion in the rear with the bilsteins.  It
works quite well, and I've installed a couple dozen of those conversions as

Bottom Line:  Stock T44tq's sit high in stock trim.  Audi addressed this on
the S4, but also changed the suspension geometry to accomodate this change.
Lowering a 200tq will give pretty big bumpsteer issues beyond 1/2 in down
from stock.

Regardless of ride height, either bilsteins or konis will result in a much
better ride than the stock Boge's.  I also recommend that you replace the
front sb bushings when you do the struts, new shocks on old tired bushings is
no fun.  Might also be a good time to ck the inner control arm bushings for
tears, and the rear lat links for play.  If, after your shock install, things
aren't mucho better, you might consider getting a new set of front springs.


Scott Justusson

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