Bilstiens Hds raised my 200

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But once the weight of the car is on the spring, the shock is no longer
fully extended, so the extended length of the shock doesn't matter, right? I
think the reason for shorter shocks is so that with a shorter spring the
spring is still captured when the weight is off the wheels, like when the
car is jacked up or for the extreme driver getting lots of air over jumps.
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> Bernie:
> Comparing ride height HD to Sports has nothing to do with effective spring
> rate.  The ride height changes because one shock allows the spring to
> further (HD) than the other (sport).  Remember Bernie, you HAVE to
> the stock spring to put on any  gas or hydraulic shock on a 200tq.   The
> changes in LENGTH are what causes the HD to sit statically higher than the
> sport.  Any other conclusion is creating confusion.

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