FRANKENSTEIN IS ALIVE, was 3B conversion in a type 85cq

Mihnea Cotet mik at
Sat Jul 27 19:51:13 EDT 2002

Yes guys, it f******* works!!!!! Started right up after hooking up the
spark wires to the correct terminals on the dist cap...

Yup, it was my fault, it was actually off by 1 cylinder, which also
explains the backfires it did in the exhaust while trying to start it...

Now, I'm off to install the radiator (actually I didn't let it run for more
than 3 seconds as it has no coolant yet...), PS pump, hook up the vacuum
line for the brake assistance and I'll be done tonight...

Well it WILL make a tractor (or rallye S1?) sound for a little while as it
is exhaust-less but that's nothing :)))

Mihnea, happy 20vt owner and soon to be driver :)

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