Leaking onto floorboard carpet

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sun Jul 28 10:27:59 EDT 2002

That rain diverter does not seal off the area it covers, it just keeps the
water from running directly onto the electric connections, motors, etc., it
covers.  The water basically runs off the ends of the diverter so that it
flows UNDER all those electricals to the drain you cleaned out.  If that
drain was not plugged, the water in your cabin probably got there through a
poor seal around the windshield.  Other possibilities include a leaking
heater core or a plugged drain for the A/C evaporator box.  The latter has
a small drain connected to its molded-in moisture traps on the bottom of
the box.  If the evap box is frosting up, you've got an A/C management
system problem.

The door in the cabin is held in place on the arms it shares with the door
in the evap box by a pair of screws that should be clearly visible on the
face of the door.  Those four screws around the outside of the opening to
the evap box hold the box to the sheetmetal.  If you twist that dark
plastic anchor for the spring (90 degrees, I think), it'll pop out of the
door, making it easier to take the door off the arms.  I'd think you could
find an appropriate product to replace the seal on the door and that it'd
be fairly easy to do that with the door on your workbench/kitchen table.

At 03:13 AM 07/28/2002 -0500, BriceW at webtv.net wrote:

>I was getting ready to put new floor mats in my 20V. I had just cleaned
>the carpet and went to an automatic car wash. I noticed water on both
>sides of the floorboard . I looked at the plastic over the air
>conditioning and blower motor and found that it was not sealed properly.
>Part of the plastic lip up the against the window was bent and left a
>gap. Also I noticed that the hinged door on the right side had a rotted
>seal. I couldn't get this piece to seal as it was severely bent.
>I can get a new plastic piece to cover and in the meantime tape the
>cracks. If I get a new plastic cover I will cut it at the hole over the
>right wiper so I can take the whole thing off easily. Putting a piece of
>tape over the cut.
>Has anyone done this repair?
>Also, the hinged door. Should I buy a new one or put new sealant on the
>old one,etc.
>How hard is it to remove this hinged door and replace it? I noticed 2
>Phillips at the bottom and 2 Phillps at the top but getting to them
>looked like a bitch.
>Should I bother with it?
>While I was in there I cleaned out the drain hole and removed minimal
>leaves from both sides.
>Audi floor mats are $110.00 and I want them to last.
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