Dammit how good can it feel to drive that beast!!!!

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Sun Jul 28 19:47:39 EDT 2002

Went for the first test drive 15 minutes ago, without the hood nor the
front core support and the car pulls insanely!!!! I don't have my boost
gauge hooked up yet but I think it hits the right pressure and hell it IS
fun to drive! The 100mph mark is hit in almost nothing, I think something
like 12-15 seconds, well, the car is great! I still have to fit the
interior and the front core support, as well as the hood and the hydraulic
fluid reservoir but it is slowly ending! Now I can't wait till I have my
urq IC and the Samco hoses, as well as the MTM chips I've ordered for it!!!!

Mihnea, happy 20vt driver!

'85 Coupe quattro, 3B converted, soon to get HD Bilsteins+H&R and Porsche

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