[s-cars] Followup RE: Water Temperature Gauge Dead- Instrument Cluster Issues

Ingo D. Rautenberg ingo at waratap.com
Sun Jul 28 17:36:07 EDT 2002


Personally, I doubt it's the gauge.  More likely a contact problem somewhere
between the IC and the MFS. This is for the 200q20v, right?   Using the
Bentley, I suggest you ground out the appropriate pin at the MFS (or see
Scott Mockry's web site -- I'm at the office right now).  Having done that,
you may find the gauge works now.  If not, look for any corrosion in these
contacts.  Leave grounded and pull the IC slowly out with ignition switch on
and you may see the gauge move, which would point to a loose or intermittent
wire/ connection.  BTDT.  Unfortunately not uncommon on our cars.


'91 200q20v...Slightly modified
'83 Urquattro
('90 v8q RIP)

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