CD Changer...getting better

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Considering it's an RF changer from your description, you need to
find the proper frequency- usually down between 87.5 and 89 MHz,
depending on the setting. If it's the OEM changer, I know it's RF
modulated, but I thought there was a mode switch on the head unit
to select the proper setting?


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     After dismantling the changer, I have found the culprit.  It seems
that the PO liked to cover their CD's in a maple syrup concoction before
playing them.  The eject mechanism was severely coated with the gunk and
took some time to remove with the proper cleaning agents.  Now that it's
all cleaned up, the changer works great...takes the disc, spins it up
and changes tracks but still no tunes.  The controller displays disc and
track number and shows that it's playing (and not paused) but I cant
figure out how to get it to play over the speakers.  On AM, the stations
are blocked by some kind of interference when the changer is running, as
well as on some FM stations.  Is there a certain frequency that the CD
player broadcasts on?  I was unable to find such a frequency (or
amplitude) while searching the there a special button to

Encouraged...yet confused,
Adam Chinchiolo
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