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Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Jul 29 12:24:34 EDT 2002

At 8:31 AM -0400 7/29/02, TM wrote:
>Considering it's an RF changer from your description, you need to
>find the proper frequency- usually down between 87.5 and 89 MHz,
>depending on the setting. If it's the OEM changer, I know it's RF
>modulated, but I thought there was a mode switch on the head unit
>to select the proper setting?

The replacement head units for cars of "our" vintage have a mode
switch, but unfortunately it does not affect CD operation (later
years do). The oem CD controller box has a slider-switch that selects
between two rf modulation frequencies --88.3/88.7 Someone recently
reported that their CD no-sound problem was caused simply by that
switch accidentally being in a "neutral" position.

At 3:10 AM -0400 7/29/02, jay noyes wrote:
>  Frequency 88.3 is what OM says to use.Alsoit is the preset #1 on
>tuner that will get you there.

Is that the way it comes from the factory? After 12 years or so, that
may no longer be the case. I happen to use preset #4 for CD.



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