it's still hesitating

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Tue Jul 30 04:22:51 EDT 2002

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The hesitation is always evident no matter what the gear is or the throtle
position. It just runs pretty rough. Like it holds back instead of
accelerating and moving forward. Whenever I stomp on the gas instead of the
car rocketing forward it just keeps bucking, like I said, holding back, that
is what best describes it. I haven't checked any codes because I don't think
there are any but I'll make sure I guess. I do know about the stock digital
gauge being inaccurate but if the car makes 1.8 bar it should really show. I'd
be worried about the gauge being inaccurate with a modified computer but that
is not the case. This is my third 20 valve and all my previous ones showed 1.8
bar when they were making that kind of pressure.

About the fuel filter, I have no idea how old it is. For all I know it could
be the one it came with out of the factory. It wouldn't hurt to replace it. I
do have the correct spark plugs and they "looked" to be in good condition and
so did the rotor. I have no idea what the distributor looks like and the wires
look good too. The oxygen sensor being defective? I don't know about that.
Could be I guess. I don't really wanna dish out another $80 for it before I
actually know that it is the source of the problem. Which reminds me, is there
any way to test any of these engine components that could be causing me
problems? Antoher thing I just remembered is that the car does sometimes run
pretty good and other times a lot worse but most of the time it just runs
pretty ruff in general. And you haven't said anything about the bypass I was
asking about. Do you think that could cause these problems or you haven't
mentioned it because it's not really related?

Ok, I think that's about all the info I can provide, for now, so let me know
what you think after you read this.

Thanks a lot for your help

Dan B.

I still got hesitation going on.

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