it's still hesitating

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Please read the new e-mail I have posted on the list directed to Phil, and let
me know what you think after you read it.


Dan B.
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Audi Sport wrote:
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>I still got hesitation going on. Some of you have told me it could
>be the
>injectors. Also someone mentioned checking the oxygen sensor but
>that's only
>about a year old at the most. So, I ran two botles of Techron fuel
>cleaner thru the engine with no results. This after I also ran some
>injector cleaner thru it from one of the Audi mechanics. The stuff
>they use
>when they service cars. This was run straight thru the throtle body.
>It was
>like a two botle thing. One goes in the throtle body and one in the
>gas tank.
>And of course, no results. Could the injectors be so clogged that
>they can't
>be helped with the injectors cleaners? Is there any way to test
>them? Could
>the fuel filter cause this? The car just keeps hesitating. Also, for
>reason I never get 1.8 bar of boost. It always goes to 1.7 but never
>1.8 So I
>put a little washer in between the top of the waste gate and the
>spring and
>tested the car last night. It went up to 1.8 bar once but not again
>since. So
>I put a second washer and still, 1.7 only. So, I don't know what all
>this is
>related to. Is it a fuel problem? Ignition problem? Maybe a vacum
>somewhere? Although I already checked the hell out of the engine for
>leaks. Would a leaky bypass valve cause hesitation? I really don't
>know what
>to look for anymore. Any info would help.
>Dan B.
If you take out the injectors they can be tested/cleaned for about $25ea. They
usually return to normal performance, mine did and the car ran much smoother.
I had no hesitation though (before the cleaning). I wouldn't think the
injectors would cause the symptoms you describe. Does the behavior change as
the engine warms up, or does it keep acting the same? Does it cruise at a
steady speed, on level road or slight incline, without surging? If not it
might be time for a new O2 sensor.
You may not have enough fuel pressure, which could be caused by fuel pump,
fuel filter, pinched fuel line under car (it happened to me on another car
when I ran over a traffic cone), fuel pressure regulator, or the
vacuum/pressure hose to the FPR is leaking or not connected.

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