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Tue Jul 30 22:46:42 EDT 2002

At 6:41 PM +0100 7/30/02, Audi Sport wrote:

>Innacurate would be with a modified computer. That's when I would be really
>concerned about the gauge being inaccurate.
 No, that's _not_ what I meant by inaccurate. Inaccurate is the fact that
the oem gauge (with oem pressure transducer) is well known  to often read
only 1.7 bar even when 1.8 bar of boost is being produced. So no one should
get very concerned if they see 1.7 bar (max) on the oem gauge. That's one
reason many people go to the trouble of installing an accessory gauge.

>Do you know what would be the best place to buy the fuel filter from and how
>much it is?

 They cost about $15. Not worth much effort to shop around, IMO. I get mine
at a local auto parts supply that carries Bosch parts.


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