Instrument Cluster Problems

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed Jul 31 01:04:18 EDT 2002

At 9:22 PM -0400 7/30/02, TM wrote:
>Update on my cluster problem- I found that I have continuity from
>the temp sensor to the plug in the harness, the problem is in the
>cluster itself.

Did you check the nuts used to secure(and provide signal to) the
coolant temp gauge?  I suppose they could rattle loose.  You might be
able to trace the connection...far as I know, it is a very direct
path between the harness connection and the gauge itself(at the
least, you might be able to wire a jumper to bypass a cracked trace
or something.)

Just for chuckles, remove the gauge itself(if you have the board
completely removed from the cluster, its just those two nuts) and
test it; THAT can certainly be swapped from any post-89 100 or 200
cluster(I would think.  Probably even more.)

>Can anyone tell me which clusters are compatible w/ a '91 200?
>S4? S6? 200q10v? 100?

Probably none of the above :-(

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