mystery whoosh noise

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed Jul 31 16:46:31 EDT 2002

So I was pleased as punch at myself for sealing up the car's intake my utter lack of amazement, the car has thrown a new
curve ball.

Performance is still in the can, but now I have an odd whooshing
noise that, from my perspective driving the car, seems to be coming
down+in front of me, loudest from inside the car.  I've -never- heard
such a noise in any 200q20v I've driven or been in, chipped or
not...this is not a normal boost noise.

This is all somewhat of a mystery, since right when this started, I
had just finished testing the entire system with my pressure tested
and there wasn't a peep from -anything-.

The location of the noise, in particular, has me baffled.  Any
suggestions?  My only thought is that with the throttle closed, stuff
on the other side of the throttle plate wasn't getting pressurized
and I have a leak in one of the vacuum lines off there, but you'd
think that there would be plenty of airflow through the ISV to
pressurize the IM...

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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