mystery whoosh noise

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> >You can also try clamping off the line to the wastegate, and then
> >check your power/boost.
> >  If you get normal power and boost with that line clamped, you'll
> >need to check the sensors that regulate the WGFV... check the codes
> >if you can.
> If you want to see if the wastegate frequency valve is being
> activated, hook up a test light to the WGFV and then take the car for
> a test drive.  Never disable the wastegate system.

That'll tell you if signal is reaching the WGFV, but little else.  Never
disable for the purposes of testing??  Seems many on this list already have
it permanently disabled via boost controllers.  Pinching it off for a quick
test presents little or no risk.

"What -would- cause that noise is the 1/3rd inch long crack in the
hose that joins the metal pipe to the throttle body."

I had made the assumption that your pressure test was still valid when you
wrote the email.  Fourth pressure leak??  Prolly time to just replace all of


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